KEFEYA Z1 Dual Portable Monitor Laptop Screen Extender Spring Sale
KEFEYA Z1 Monitor extender for laptop LCD Display
KEFEYA Z1 Dual Portable monitor for laptop built-in expandable kickstand Horizontal View
KEFEYA Z1 Extra monitor for laptop 300 Nit Brightness Vertical View
KEFEYA Z1 Laptop Screen Extender
KEFEYA Z1 Laptop Monitor Extender Back
KEFEYA Z1 Portable Dual Screen 14 inch screen for Laptop
KEFEYA Z1 Portable Monitor Extender for Laptop 360°Screen Rotation Angle Side Look
KEFEYA Z1 Screen Laptop Monitor Extender For 11"-17.3" Laptop

KEFEYA Z1 Laptop Screen Extender Portable Monitor, 14" FHD 1200P IPS Travel Dual Second Monitor for Laptop 11-17.3" - Metal Portable Monitor Screen Fit HDMI/USB-A/Type-C Plug & Play for Wins/Mac/Switch


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Highlight! Upside down! Revolutionize your workspace with KEFEYA Z1 vertical dual-monitor setup above your laptop – a unique feature you'll love!

Highlight! 100% sRGB, 300 nits brightness. Experience top-notch picture quality on-the-go with the convenience of a tablet-sized marvel!

Portable 14 inch 1200p FHD display

Plug and play, no driver installation required

100% SRGB, perfect for film viewing and professional creation

300 nits brightness

Built-in 2 loud speakers

    Product Details
    Elevate Your Productivity and Convenience on the Go!
    Boost your productivity by 200% with our 14" Laptop Screen Extender Portable Monitor. Ideal for travel, remote work, and gaming, it seamlessly multitasks without screen-switching, saving you valuable time. Plus, it offers plug-and-play compatibility for most laptops, FHD IPS quality, and customizable display modes. Don't miss out on this productivity-enhancing tool!
    What the Experts Say

    Improve Efficiency 200%

    Our 14” Laptop Screen Extender Portable Monitor support you open multiple tasks at the same time,
    no need switch back and forth on single screen, save a lot time and increase your efficient up to 200%.

    Perfect for travel ,remote work, conference ,gaming, picture video design etc (Plug and play, no driver required,Applicable for all size Laptops)

    Embrace the future of work and leisure integration with Z1 Laptop Screen Extender Portable Monitor.
    It's not just about convenience; it's about maximizing your time and experiences.

    Elevate your daily routine and discover a more efficient and enjoyable way to navigate between work and leisure activities.

    Widely applicable

    The Travel Portable Dual Second Monitor for Laptop compatible most Windows,MacOS,Linux,Intel,Chrome,Switch,PS4/5, Xbox One etc (Suit Mac M1 Pro/Max , M2 Pro/Max , M3 Pro/Max , M1/ M2 / M3 chip laptop). Just make sure your device or laptop has 1 USB-C port (full function),or 1 HDMI +1 USB-A port.

    210°+ 360°Sharing Angle

    The Extension Laptop Monitor Extender offer multiple display modes(Extend / Mirror / Landscape / Portrait ). The unique bracket base design support monitor 210°+ 360°angle sharing(VS other 180-270°),allow you customize view angles. Also help you easily share screen to others efficiency communicate .The Lightweight aluminum shell (Vs other plastic) is more durable, better for heat dissipation.

    Multi-Mode Support

    KEFEYA monitor provides 4 different modes, including expansion, mirroring, portrait screen, and presentation, to meet your various needs for simultaneous use of multiple screens and differential display in conferences. Whether it's to increase productivity or conduct virtual meetings, KEFEYA can meet your multi-screen needs.

    Upside Down

    Expand your workspace with extended mode, allowing you to use multiple screens simultaneously for increased productivity.

    Mirror Mode

    In mirror mode, your content is duplicated on all connected screens, perfect for presentations or sharing your display with others.

    Portrait Mode

    Rotate your monitor to portrait mode for a vertical display, ideal for viewing documents, web pages, or coding.

    Sharing Mode

    The unique bracket base design support monitor 210°+ 360°angle sharing(VS other 180-270°),allow you customize view angles.


    These application scenarios demonstrate the versatility of the L1 Screen Extender in different work and living environments, providing more screen real estate for increased productivity and creativity.

    Video production and editing

    Video producers can take their editing workflow to the next level with the L1 Screen Extender. Separating the editing workspace from the preview screen makes it easier to edit your video, add effects, and preview it in real time. This helps create more exciting video content.

    Face To Face Communication

    In face-to-face meetings, the L1 Screen Extender helps you present content, share data and interact more clearly. Share your screen with others while retaining your own workspace, allowing you to communicate and collaborate more effectively, no matter where you are.

    Meeting Extension Screen

    Use the L1 Screen Extender to connect your laptop or tablet to an extra screen during meetings. This way, you can view meeting agendas, presentations, and meeting notes simultaneously, improving meeting productivity and visibility. You can also share content with colleagues to make collaboration more efficient.

    Code Writing And Development

    For software developers and programmers, the L1 Screen Extender provides additional screen real estate to view source code, documentation, and debugging tools simultaneously. This enhanced work environment helps improve coding efficiency and makes writing and debugging code smoother.

    1920 x 1200P FHD IPS Monitor 

    With 1080P FHD IPS panel, the 14” portable laptop screen extender monitor offers you 16.7M color, 300 nit brightness, 72% NTSC color gamut, and 1:1000 contrast ratio, bringing you a clearer and more true-to-life picture. with a blue light filter, anti-glare technology and brightness-adjustable function to prevent long-term eye fatigue. Simply adjust the RGB, brightness, contrast, etc. by the button on panel based on your viewing preferences.
    Refresh Rate
    16: 10
    Aspect Ratio
    Contrast Ratio
    300 Nit
    Display Color
    72% NTSC
    Color Gamut

    Connection Method

    TYPE-C Connection

    If laptop has a full-featured Type-C port, you can connect Z1 to laptop with a USB-C to USB-C cable.

    TYPE-C Connection + External Power

    If the screen has no signal or the signal is unstable after connection, please connect an external 5V/2A power adapter to power Z1.

    HDMI & USB-A Connection

    If laptop has USB-A and HDMI port, please connect Z1 with USB-A to USB-C cable (offer power) and HDMI to Mini HDMI cable (offer video output).

    What's In The Box

    KEFEYA provide all accessories for using the Portable Computer Monitor for Laptop Extension (Monitor Screen*1, USB-C to C cable *1, USB-A to C cable *1 HDMI to MINI HDMI cable *1, Bag*1).Easy use just need 1 USB-C to C cable (offer video & power),Or HDMI to MINI HDMI cable (offer video) + USB-A to C cable ( offer power ).High-quality 100% QC.


    A: If your laptop have a USB-C port with one of the following symbols (or the Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, DP 1.2), then it is the Full-function Type-C port, you can use the USB C to C cable to connect each screen. (You can check the manual or go online to check the computer port parameters.)
    A: If you use USB-C to C connect, it means your computer's C port only support power not support video transmission,You can connect a HDMI cable to the monitor provide video transmission.
    2: If you use HDMI cable (Provide video transmission). Please connect an USB-A/C to C cable (Provide power) 5V/2A to the monitor .
    A:It may be that your laptop is low battery or voltage is insufficient,use an extra USB-A to C cable to power laptop or monitor screen extender.
    A:It may be that your laptop does not have enough power. Please charge the monitor with an extra power supply that provide 5V/2A.
    Please active your laptop screen to avoid extender screen into sleep mode.