KEFEYA M2 & Z1 Foldable Monitor Laptop Screen Extender

Size: Z1

Easy Setup and Connectivity

Setup is a breeze with both monitors. The Z1 requires only one cable connection, supporting USB-C or HDMI + USB-A ports, while the M2 seamlessly works with Windows and Mac OS laptops, offering USB-C connectivity and a Mini HUB for triple screen expansion. No drivers needed for Windows, and simple driver download for Mac OS.

Boost Productivity

With our Z1 14” Laptop Screen Extender Portable Monitor and M2 Folding Portable Monitor, you can easily open multiple tasks simultaneously, eliminating the need to switch back and forth on a single screen. Experience a 200% increase in efficiency, saving valuable time for work or leisure activities.
KEFEYA M2 & Z1 Foldable Monitor Laptop Screen Extender

KEFEYA M2 & Z1 Foldable Monitor Laptop Screen Extender

$319.99 $219.99

KEFEYA M2 & Z1 Foldable Monitor Laptop Screen Extender

$319.99 $219.99
Size: Z1

    Connect 2-3 M2 Devices Simultaneously for Enhanced Workspace Efficiency

    Are you ready to elevate your workspace to the next level of productivity?
    With our M2 Folding Portable Monitor, you can now connect 2-3 devices simultaneously, allowing for seamless multitasking and enhanced efficiency.

    However, it's important to note that there are certain limitations that depend on your laptop's graphics card capabilities.
    To fully utilize this feature and expand your workspace to 4-6 screens, ensure that your laptop's graphics card has the ability to support multiple displays.
    Don't let limitations hold you back from unlocking the full potential of your workspace.
    Invest in our M2 Folding Portable Monitor today and take your productivity to new heights!

    Achieve 6 Screens with 2 M2 and 1 Z1 Monitor Setup

    Our innovative monitor setup allows you to achieve a total of 6 screens with just 2 M2 Folding Portable Monitors and 1 Z1 Laptop Screen Extender.
    This configuration opens up endless possibilities for multitasking, whether you're working on multiple projects simultaneously, attending virtual meetings, or enjoying immersive gaming experiences.
    With seamless connectivity and effortless setup, you can enhance your productivity like never before.

    Achieve 4 Screens with 1 M2 and 1 Z1 Monitor Combo

    Are you looking to supercharge your productivity with an extended workspace?
    Our winning combination of 1 M2 Folding Portable Monitor and 1 Z1 Laptop Screen Extender brings you the ultimate solution.
    By seamlessly connecting these two devices, you can effortlessly achieve a total of 4 screens, maximizing your multitasking capabilities and workflow efficiency.
    Say goodbye to screen clutter and hello to a streamlined and productive workspace.
    Invest in our M2 and Z1 monitor combo today and unlock the power of four screens for unparalleled productivity!

    Maximize Productivity

    With this setup, you can open multiple tasks simultaneously, enhance your workflow, and boost efficiency like never before. Whether you're working remotely, attending virtual meetings, or engaging in creative tasks, this versatile setup empowers you to do more.

    M2 Portrait Mode & Z1 Dual Screen Combo

    Elevate your productivity with our dynamic duo: the M2 Folding Portable Monitor and Z1 Laptop Screen Extender.
    Experience the convenience of a vertical display with the M2's Portrait Mode, perfect for viewing documents, web pages, or coding projects with ease.
    Pair it with the Z1 Dual Screen Laptop Extender for an unbeatable multitasking setup.
    Seamlessly rotate your monitor to portrait mode for a vertical workspace, while the Z1 provides additional screen real estate for enhanced efficiency.
    Maximize your workflow and elevate your productivity with this powerful combination.