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Why Choose Kefeya P2 Pro Triple Portable Laptop Monitor?

18 Dec 2022 0 Comments
Why Choose Kefeya P2 Pro Triple Portable Laptop Monitor?

  • Compatible OS Mac OS (even M1 Pro and M1 Air)/Windows OS/Android OS (OS X is not supported)
  • The stability of the port, you can connect the laptop and the screen with a single cable.
  • Easily connect these monitors to your laptop, desktop, PC or Mac. Effectively solve the problem of multi-wire winding.
  • You can quickly build a personal mobile studio.
  • One computer becomes three, and the content of three screens can be viewed at the same time, and the work efficiency can be increased by up to 200%, realizing efficient multi-tasking.
  • It can solve the problem of insufficient or too many screens of the original equipment. small needs.
  • After installing the dedicated driver on the PC, no matter whether the output port of the computer is TYPE-C or USB-A, only one cable is needed to connect and light up two screens.

For a better user experience, pay attention before buying:

  • It's not just your laptop that fits the above dimensions. It supports laptop case 13.3-16.5 inches (with frame) maximum width 390mm requirement.
  • Please make sure your laptop has 2 USB-A ports or 1 USB-C port.
  • The starting power required for the product is 10W, please ensure that the computer, mobile phone TYP-C output port or USB.
  • The output port can provide 10W (5V/2A) power.


When the power of some models of notebooks does not meet the screen extension power stan dard:

Please use the attached USB-C data cable to connect the charging plug of the adapter that outputs 5V/3A, which is conducive to power supply, and connect to the PD port of the product as the power supply for the screen.

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