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KEFEYA S1 Dual Laptop Screen Extender Setup and Review!!

08 Apr 2024 0 Comments

Hey, what's up, everybody? Welcome to Nerd Gadget. Today, we're going to talk about the KEFEYA S1 Dual Screen Laptop Extender. I'll be talking more about this screen right after this. Now, I do want to thank all of my subscribers for helping me reach that 10,000 subscriber milestone.

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All right, let's quickly talk about the KEFEYA S1 Dual Portable Laptop Screen Extender. It has a 1080p FHD IPS screen. It can be used for laptops that are 13 to 17.3 inches. It has a USB-C, HDMI port, plug and play for Windows, Mac, Android, Switch, and even PS5.

What's nice about this again is it's plug and play, but you don't have to worry about installing a driver in order to get this to work. You just plug it in and pretty much go from there. Now, this does have multiple display modes and 180° rotation. The different modes are mirror, extension, landscape, or portrait. The weight for this is 2.33 lb, the aspect ratio is 16 by 9, and the refresh rate is 60 HZ.

All right, so with all that stated, let's take a look at the back. And with that stated, let's go ahead and open up this bad boy. Pull this out, see what else we got in here, and we have, of course, a manual for user guide. You have this, so here you go, type A to type C cable, and you have a type-C to right-angle type-C cable, and HDMI to type C.

All right, now as you can see, it comes in this carrying or traveling case, which is nice for easy travel. Let's put that over there. All right, really nice and compact, it is light. Pull this back, and then it's ready to be used. All right, really nice, and you can read what's there if you're interested. For this side, this would be the side that your laptop screen sits on.

Okay, and on the back, you can see there's a kickstand there. You go, so your laptop screen will be on here, and right here, you would just use your fingernail where it says open to pop this open. And then, if you look here, you have two speakers on top. Let's get a closer view. There you have a menu select, SLC confirmation button.

All right, so I'm going to go ahead and get this set up on my Samsung laptop. As you can see, it's quite thin, just like so. Very simple setup. Last but not least, I'm going to go ahead and plug this in on the back. If you look here closely, let me get closer. All right, so three type-C port, but one is only used for HDMI. All right, you can see that right there if you look closely. There you have it, so I'm going to go ahead and plug this in.

All right, lastly, I'm going to plug this into the type-C port, and there you go. So easy to use, so easy. Look at that, how nice is that? No software to install or any drivers to install. I can remove this dual laptop screen, pack it in here, take my laptop, fold that together, and easily travel with it.

Now, it's really, really easy to extend the desktop versus mirroring or duplicating your desktop screen. Just go to your main desktop, right-click, display settings. Now, this is Windows 11, all right, but it's still the same concept or the same settings that you would do even if it's a Windows 10 laptop. Um, now for Mac, it would be different, but you just follow the steps on how to extend your monitor screen on a Mac. But I'm going to click here and click extend all right and keep changes, and that's it.

All right, now I'm back on YouTube, the I blazing Cas series lineup for the Samsung Galaxy S24. Now, let's say, as you can see here, I have TikTok as well. I say I want to move this over here. I can do just that, maximize it, so I have this screen and this screen is extended again, all on my laptop and then S24 Ultra. Right, grab this, or if I want to do work, I can move this over here and work on PowerPoint. Come back over here, look at some entertainment. See here, again, volume button, going this way is to increase, can decrease the volume here, and if I push, it cuts it off. Hold it down again, cuts it back on. So again, hold down for 2 seconds to power off, and then you hold down for 3 seconds to power this back on. And if you can see here, the camera on the screen is not being blocked. All right, it has a nice little cutout here, which allows you to use your camera screen. Screen and don't forget about the kickstand. That's what I have laid out here, which is keeping the monitor screen nice and steady. All right, you put that kickstand back there, you're good to go.

Now, when I'm done for the day, all I have to do is take this off, unplug this, and it's all ready to go. How nice is that? So again, pretty simple setup, pretty simple review. Now, if you're interested in the KEFEYA S1 Dual Screen Laptop Screen Extender, of course, I will have a link posted in the description section of my video. And this completes my review for the KEFEYA S1 Dual Screen Laptop Screen Extender.

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