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KEFEYA S2 14" Triple Screen Laptop Monitor Extender

08 Apr 2024 0 Comments

Hey, folks! Adam here from Elite Demonstrations. I've got this incredible three-screen setup that I can't wait to show you about. Now, this is going to make your life a whole lot easier, and stick around for the up-close portion of the video. Now, first, I got to tell you that this all folds up and fits in one little carrying bag, and all the wires go into a pocket right here. A nice carrying bag that you're going to love. Now, these are low-glare, high-resolution screens and absolutely fantastic. What do I love about them? First off, easy to set up. USB-C, USB-C, and A, and we've got three screens back and forth. So, in this case, watching a movie over here, I've got spreadsheet information over here on the right side, and then I'm doing some Photoshop work editing a picture of my grandpa from 1978 over here. And it's nice that I can jump back and forth. I can watch TV, turn up the volume, edit my stuff, and still have other windows open.

This becomes very useful tax season. You might have your bank information, you might have your Excel spreadsheets, and then your tax page all open at the same time. If you're somebody who does local accounting, runs a business, having a triple screen is great. And the idea that this is portable, you can take it anywhere, it just clips right off, um, and you're good to go. Actually has a support in the back to where it's not going to tip like some of the competition out there that doesn't have that. And again, it's super easy to set up.

Very cool that the back bracket here is telescoping to adjust to the amount of space and angle you want your monitor to be at. I've never seen one that has the adjustable bracketing here, and it's kind of rubberized foot to stay in place. And folks, just as an FYI, this isn't directly compatible with MacBook Pro and Air with the M1 and M2 chips. You may have to get a docking station. We'll put on screen which MacBooks this works with. And of course, you don't need to worry about the USB-C needing to charge the laptop. You can just plug in the C1 or the C2 and charge the monitor and the laptop at the same time.

Folks, just to show you, there's a bunch of different connections, and it comes with all the cabling you need: HDMI to USB-C, HDMI to USB-C, so there are two of those, USB-A to C, you've got the USB-C cabling and an additional USB-C cabling. So, you've got 100 different ways you can hook this up, makes it very easy in any environment.

Now, some people will use this with things like their Nintendo Switch. Some people will use this with their laptop; it's really up to you how you want to use it and how you want to extend your screen. For me, a lot of times, we'll go back and forth between different documents all at the same time. Particularly when you're video editing, you know, if I've got my video editing program open, you might have it playing here, the draft video playing. You might have some of the files and editing here as well as other information, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, things like that where you're transferring data back and forth. So, this becomes really, really an important setup for you editors, whether that's sound engineering, video editing, Photoshop, accountants. You can all use more real estate and more screens side by side.

This can be very useful, like I said, if you just want to have your YouTube videos going on the side, you can have that going. This is me using the YeSoul bike. This is me where I could be editing that, and then over on the side, I could open up Photoshop and have my thumbnails and things of the sort. I could be working on those over on this screen. Now, I like to play them side by side to where I can just drag from one screen to the other and extend my screen out, and I think that's just a smart design. But you can do it however you want. You can duplicate a screen; you can go left and right. I think left and right is easiest for me, and you can drag stuff back and forth. You can put this screen here; it's like having an enormous screen in front of you. Really smart design, snap to grids just like on your computer.

So, if you're looking for something that's really fast, something that's better than the rest, here's my scanning software. That's what I was using before. I've got my scanner back here. I can easily scan, have that up, throw it in Photoshop or throw it into my video editor, all at the push of a button. Really fantastic design, a great company. Stick around, I'm going to tell you a little bit more, and then we're going to have the up-close portion of the video.

All right, folks, and as a reminder, this will work on things like Windows, Chrome, MacBook. This is really fantastic. You can see how you can go from screen to screen. This is going to really increase your work efficiency. This is nice, easy to set up, stylish, sophisticated, and chic. You see, I have my USB-C there, my USB-A right there, and this thing is fantastic.

All right, folks, go ahead and check it out. If your question is, should you pick it up, the answer is heck yes. Now, stick around for the up-close portion of the video, and oh yeah, this does have really good sound on it. It's hard for me to show that without copyright issues, but this sound is really good as well.

All right, stick around for the up-close portion of the video.

All right, folks, so now it's time for the up-close portion of the video. Got the S2 here from a great company, a premier brand, and an elite demonstration. It's a triple-screen laptop screen extender. All right, so the model S2, 14 inches, 16 by 9, IPS wide viewing angle, that's nice. Average brightness is 300 CD per square meter, 60 Hz, Type-C 5 to 20 volt with a 5 amp max, just not drawing a ton of electricity. That can be an issue for some people's power supplies. And then it's 1920 by 1080, that is great HD. You've got the host, the USB-A to C, the USB-C to C, HDMI to C, and the bag all included, all-inclusive, a nice box. This is a great gift idea, folks, if you're looking for something that's beyond the best.

You can see, of course, your cables and all the ultra. I'm going to move that over there for you. I've always found this brand is easy to set up and wire. Oh, you can connect to your other mobile devices like your Switch. You've got a Switch connection mode. So, you folks who have a Switch, I know that's the dream for me. I want one. You can also use it for your'll Switch. Yeah, how cool is that?

Now, the carrying bag. Look at that. Look at that nice carrying bag. So nice, I'll say it twice. Look at that nice carrying bag. Going to take the velcro off there that holds it, straps it, maxes it, and relaxes it. And yeah, wow, folks, are you kidding me? Now, this is nice. It says, "Don't squeeze the screen." Back that up so you can see it. It's got to be seen. Here's screen one. Got that 14 in, 1920 by 1080. Second one here, peel that off, protective film. Folks, don't squeeze, don't pierce. Funny, my fingers couldn't get it there. We go and adjust in size, puts right up on top of your screen, left, right, right, easy peasy to the degree of lemon squeezy. This thing is really fantastic, and you have, just so you can see, this will allow you to tilt it back. See how that works? That way, it just sits on the back, not putting any undue strain or stress on your device. Got the adjustment wheels right on top, and yeah, folks, that thing is super nice.

All right, folks, if you're looking for something, and notice we've got studio light in here, and there's not a ton of glare on these screens, that makes a world of difference as well. All right, folks, my name is Adam from Elite Demonstrations, showing off the best of the best. Get it, so you can forget the rest. This is the premier brand, the premier line. S2 is really fantastic. Go check it out. You will not be disappointed. Remember, I love and appreciate you, and goodbye, my friends.

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