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Unboxing the KEFEYA S2 Laptop Triple-Monitor Extender

11 Jan 2024 0 Comments

What's up, guys? How's it going? Mike the Tech here, and in this video, we've got a pretty cool one for you. We've got a triple monitor from kefeya. You may remember that we did a dual monitor setup for a laptop where you can snap on a secondary monitor; that was from maxf free. And this is a very similar product. It's a very cool triple monitor setup. So it comes with two 14-inch 1080p monitors that snap onto your laptop, turning it into a triple monitor system, or at least that is the designed use case. However, there's actually another use case, which I'll go over as I finish the unboxing to show you what I actually prefer this for, and I think it's a really cool feature.

Before we get started, if you're watching this video and you're not subscribed because 99% of you are not subscribed, that's a pretty bad number. So if you like this one, be sure to click on that subscribe button below. All right, so onto the unboxing itself.

All right, so here is the package itself. Let's go ahead and start opening things up. This is a large and heavy box, so I was excited to see what was inside. And I guess you'd say double excited when I actually found out what it was. So we open this up, and we have some air packaging around the actual box itself. So let's pull this out, nice and densely packed as well. It feels pretty heavy. All right, second unboxing, and we can see there it is, the Kea laptop screen extender.

All right, so we're opening up the second box, and this is where we're going to find the product itself. Very well packaged, I will say. All right, and we can pull it out, and here is the triple screen laptop extender from Kea. It is the S2 model, and this includes two 14-inch 1080p screens, each with USB to USBC to HDMI so you can plug in not just your laptop using USBC, but you can actually use any HDMI device, including your switch, your PlayStation 5, your game consoles, even another computer that uses an HDMI device. So if your laptop doesn't have two USBC ports with video out, you can still use the HDMI port for the second monitor if you need to. So it's pretty versatile in its inputs, and we'll talk a bit more about that shortly.

Here's the actual case itself. It's nice that they provide a protective case and a bevy of cables. So we have a USBC to USBC, and this, of course, is a high-speed USBC cable supporting video and all that good stuff as well. We have another one of those USB to C to USBC cables, nice to see. And then we have a USB-A to C cable. This can be used for charging, for example. We have another USB-A to C cable so that you can plug in and power both screens at once. And we have two USBC to HDMI, or I should say HDMI to USBC cables. These are super cool, very useful. You don't need a dock; you don't need a converter; you just go straight from your HDMI device to USBC.

Now, when plugging in the device, we did talk about power cables. Now, the thing with power cables is they are not necessary unless you're using HDMI. So if you're plugging in your USBC laptop to a USBC screen, that's the only cable you need; you don't actually have to power it, it'll power itself from your laptop. If you do plug in a power cord to your USBC monitor, it will actually provide power to your laptop as well. So you can charge your laptop through the monitor, and it won't take up an extra port. Pretty awesome if you're using a device that does not support USBC video and charging, then you'll have to use HDMI. So USB-C on the monitor and HDMI on your device, and then you'll have to power it through the monitor's USBC power port. So that's the main thing, is that if it supports USBC video, it's probably going to support powering the device as well. If not, you'll have to power on your own, not too big of a deal. Most devices now support that, so we'll open up this. We have a very nice carbon fiber texture on the front and back, and you can see the different ports available as well. And if we open it up, we see that we have some foam material. I do recommend keeping this because it fits really well and protects the screen when it's closed. And then we can simply snap out the other one as well.

So very similar production style as the single screen that we made a video on, we unboxed a dual monitor setup that included one extra 14-inch screen that connects to the left side of your laptop or right side of your laptop, I mean. And this one, it provides two screens and has a very similar setup and mechanism. Here we can go ahead and peel off the adhesive here and see the screen itself. Now that the protector's off, we'll do the same on the right screen. And these do have different settings as well, so you can have audio throughput. So they have speakers built in, and you have different controls as well on top, and you can see these speaker grills on the bottom of the screen.

And now let's see what it looks like on a laptop. I have a 13-inch Chromebook here, so we'll go ahead and snap this on. You simply grab on one side, and it extends out and grabs onto the other. The top has a mount, ensuring that it stays in place, and the back has a tripod stand to keep it from falling over. And you can see that you can get a pretty good range here, so it looks pretty cool for a triple screen desk setup, not too shabby. It packages up really well so you could actually travel with this if you wanted to and just snap it on your laptop and have three screens.

That's pretty cool as well. So if you see here, it is $239 for two 1080p monitors and the mounting system, all of the cables, and the carrying case and protective case and everything. Very, very cool. Let me know what you think of this in the comment section below, and as always, thank you so much for watching. You can learn a thing or two about a new device unx. Kudos, we rocko administrative elevator command it up, break it down in that virtual from conversations to games to interviews with a broader view. He keeps it fresh, always bringing something new.

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